A Mask That Kills COVID-19

ABGI is working with the Pandemic Mask Company to develop and distribute the Anti-Viral Faceshield System TM (AVF). The mask creates a measurable, low voltage electrical charge that actively kills the virus on contact. The AVF seals around the wearer's nose and mouth to properly position its anti-viral cartridge. The fabric in the cartridge uses a novel electroceutical technology to shatter SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19). It is the first personal protective equipment that is effective at eliminating more than 99% of viruses and microorganisms that cause disease and serious illness.

AVF Mask

A starter kit will include a carrier, a cartridge (good for at least 30 days), and a case for storing and recharging the system. ABGI plans to sell the kit for $20, with replacement cartridges retailing for less than $10.

AVF System PPE design features: